25 Ironically Funny Placement Coincidences

25 ironically funny placement coincidences

Sometimes in life, you get to see the most amazing coincidences. They might be big things or small, but either way, they’re things you never imagined were possible. And sometimes, they’re just really, really funny.

When you stop and look around, it’s amazing how often these coincidences happen, especially in advertising. At one point or another, you start to wonder whether they’re really coincidences or not. Do they really go over everyone else’s head?

There are times when you also have to wonder if anyone lost their job over the bad ones!

If you’ve ever spotted one of these things out in the street, you know what happens. You stop and do a double-take. Then, you can’t help but pull out your phone to take a picture. Pretty soon, other people are starting to wonder why you’re laughing. Once they see, they’re going to be cracking up, too!

So yes, these ads could be seen as failures. But if you’re a “glass-half-full” kind of person, you can say they’re a way of bringing people together.

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. But they are really funny. No wonder these 65 people felt they had to stop to snatch a photo.

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