25 Of The Funniest Dog Photos Captured At The Perfect Time

25 of the funniest dog photos captured at the perfect time

Dogs — they’re called man’s best friend for a reason. There are so many reasons to love our furry friends. Even if you’re not a “dog person,” per se, you can’t deny they’re some of the most loyal, loving, and affectionate pets you can possibly have.

Many famous people have loved dogs. Martha Stewart has several, including a Chow Chow named Ghengis Khan. Singer Sarah McLachlan is a huge dog lover, singing her song “Angel” for a commercial for The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “Golden Girls” actress Betty White, meanwhile, loves dogs so much that she once refused to be in a movie because it depicted one getting pushed down a slide.

Considering how much we love our dogs, it’s no surprise they make their way onto our social media. Every one of their cutest moments gets documented, from getting into mischief to taking naps. That even goes for Snapchat, where thousands of users have gotten their dogs in on the fun.

And why shouldn’t we? Our dogs are a huge part of our lives. They’re with us through thick and thin. And, as these snaps show, they’re pretty darn funny.

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