30 Times People Spotted Total Jerks During The Coronavirus Crisis And Shamed Them Online

Some people are reacting to the coronavirus in a mature, responsible way. While others are panic-buying, hoarding supplies, leaving nothing to buy for everyone else, and flaunting how much they don’t care about social distancing. And a select few are even hoping to scalp others by reselling basic supplies like toilet paper.

But the internet isn’t standing for this kind of behavior. People are shaming jerks online who are making the corona-crisis more difficult for us all. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s list about corona-jerks getting outed and let us know in the comments below if this made you lose a bit of faith in humanity. Be sure to read on for our interview with Sam Dogen, founder of the Financial Samurai website, about price gouging.

Most people you talk to will be able to tell you that they’ve already seen small examples of price-gouging. Like selling face masks for exorbitant prices. It looks like some individuals see the crisis as an opportunity. An opportunity to fill their pockets with quick cash in exchange for their moral integrity.

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