41 People Share Some Of The Cutest Pictures Of Cats Embracing Their Loaf Identity

Cats, the most incredible entertainers that have ever existed, are constantly gifting us humans with their glorious presence. And since they kinda like to hang out, humans decided to give a name to their favorite lounging pose—loafing. The reason being that a cat with its paws tucked beneath its body is easily mistaken for none other than a loaf of bread. The pose has also been called ‘Sphynx,’ but it’s clearly not as accurate as ‘loaf.’ One of the most common reasons for cats ‘loafing’ is their body thermoregulation, but the most important one is that it’s a perfect cute photo opportunity for their owners.

Reddit has a whole community dedicated to photos of loaves of cats, r/catloaf, and it has a strong community of 552k members. Below are the loafiest cats picked by us, so vote for your favorite ones!

1. My Precious Mini Loaf

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