People Who Learned Karma The Hard Way

A part of living in today’s modern society along with its perks is being able to follow a certain set of rules that are considered part of a general consensus. And sure, not all people follow these rules. Some of them blatantly disregard them as if they don’t even matter! But what happens when these people meet a certain lady called Karma? Well, folks, that’s when they get exactly what they deserve – and it’s hilarious.

The Smart way

Don’t you just hate it when people take up more than one parking space? It can be really annoying when you’re looking for a spot and you find someone had parked over three spots with their car. Seriously, the math isn’t very hard to comprehend. If you have one car, you should be taking one parking space, not three!

People Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

Well, the driver of this Smart car had the perfect revenge in store. They decided they’re not taking any of it, and just went ahead and parked anyway. Since it’s a small car, it could still fit in the parking spot, and the sweet revenge was blocking the car of whoever decided parking like that was okay.

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